Affar Textile Machinery Co. is among worldwide premier manufacturers of professional warp knitting and crochet Knitting elements. Fully owned French company based in Shanghai with a mission to reliably supply our customers worldwide as well as developing new projects with O.E.Ms partners. Our success is due in large part to more than 200 experienced employees who operate advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment in our factory. Since our company’s establishment, we have been focused on improving the quality of warp knitting machine needles and other hardware fittings for industrial textile clients.


Affar Textile Machinery is a niche enterprise with one goal in mind: Providing customers with outstanding warp knitting elements through careful design, advanced production equipment, and dedicated employees. We offer more than 1200 different types of warp knitting machine components and we are capable of customization as well. Our products are consumable and need to be replaced every so often, but we work hard to make sure you get more out of our needles compared to competitors. However, don’t just take our word for it. We can provide you with samples to see why our needles are superior. Contact us today to learn more.

Quality Supplier of WarpKnitting Elements