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Affar Textile Machinery, your trusted supplier of warp knitting elements. With our extensive experience, we proudly offer a wide range of needles and parts that are compatible with various warp knitting machine models including Karl Mayer, LIBA, as well as leading brands in the crochet segment such as Comez, Muller, TCH, Rius, Dahu, and many more available in the market today. Our products have been widely utilized in the textile manufacturing industry, finding applications in shoe fabrics, tulle fabrics, sportswear, packaging textiles, home textiles, and various other sectors.

Allow us to present some of our classic warp knitting elements, carefully crafted to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Crochet Machines Parts for Jacob Muller, Comez,TCH, Dahu, KYG, RIUS
Comez 35090P
Dahu 15gg
Muller 6-L
Crochet pipe needle
Crochet Patent needle 73.71.A7
Guide needle
karl Mayer guide needle L-28-93-0
karl Mayer guide needle KL-24-26-50
karl Mayer guide needle KL-32-93-0
Liba guide needle 3-83-4T E36
Karl Mayer LIba Tricot Knitting parts
karl Mayer guide needle ML-24-93-49
karl Mayer Raschel guide needle AL14-26-
karl Mayer AL-6-80-58
Karl Mayer tongue needle C-12-79-17
Karl Mayer tricot C-24-81
Karl Mayer Raschel tongue needle C-24-67
Karl Mayer Raschel tongue needle C-6
Karl Mayer Platine P-32-130VP-54
karl Mayer Platine P-24X-77-20
Karl Mayer Sinker S-28-89-46
Karl Mayer Sinker S-18-37-22
Karl Mayer Thrick plate F-10-47-22V
Wrap Knitting Machines parts for Karl Mayer Liba
karl Mayer Reed KH-36-6-5
karl Mayer Reed KH-28-4H-11
Karl Mayer Dispart KH-20-4-0
Karl Mayer Warping reed R-34-2-3
Liba E-42-0
compound needle
karl Mayer compound needle 2
karl Mayer compound needle
Karl Mayer Liba loose needle
stich bonding
loose needle
Karl Mayer LIba warp knitting Parts
Karl Mayer Raschel Agriculture Parts
Karl Mayer and Liba sanfona
Wrap Knitting Machines parts for Karl Mayer Liba
Wrap Knitting Machines parts for Karl Mayer Liba
Karl Mayer LIba Ball guiding
Wrap Knitting Machines parts for Karl Ma
Wrap Knitting Machines parts for Karl Mayer Liba
wrap Knitting machines parts
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