Affar Textile Machinery Co. is among worldwide premier manufacturers of professional warp knitting and crochet Knitting elements. Fully owned French company based in Shanghai with a mission to reliably supply our customers worldwide as well as developing new projects with O.E.Ms partners. Our success is due in large part to more than 200 experienced employees who operate advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment in our factory. Since our company’s establishment, we have been focused on improving the quality of warp knitting machine needles and other hardware fittings for industrial textile clients.


Affar Textile Machinery is a niche enterprise with one goal in mind: Providing customers with outstanding warp knitting elements through careful design, advanced production equipment, and dedicated employees. We offer more than 1200 different types of warp knitting machine components and we are capable of customization as well. Our products are consumable and need to be replaced every so often, but we work hard to make sure you get more out of our needles compared to competitors. However, don’t just take our word for it. We can provide you with samples to see why our needles are superior. Contact us today to learn more.

Quality Supplier of WarpKnitting Elements



Affar Textile Machinery is an experienced warp knitting elements supplier. We are capable of manufacturing all types of needles and parts to match with any warp knitting machine models such as Karl Mayer & LIBA as well as in Crochet segment such as Comez, Muller, TCH, Rius, Dahu and many others on the market today. Affar products have been widely used in textile manufacturing, such as shoe fabrics, tulle fabrics, sportswear, packaging textiles, home textiles, etc...

Some classic warp knitting elements are displayed as follows.




A warp knitting machine is a compact system integrating components like needles, sinkers, guide bars, and others to optimize performance and efficiency. All parts need to have high strength and wear resistance for the durability necessary for the warp knitting machine to operate for nearly 24 hours a day at high speed. Each needle will be performing several million knitting actions that require high precision. These components must be highly polished and precisely manufactured to ensure the product quality of warp knitted fabrics.

Stamping die manufacturing

Since needle precision directly impacts the final quality of knit products, we pay serious attention to developing stamping dies with higher accuracy to ensure needle quality.

Affar employs highly qualified stamping die designers and a die manufacturing workshop. We are especially proud of our stamping dies made by low-speed wire cutter with an accuracy within ±1μm.

Processed semi-finished needles will be polished to eliminate any excess metal burrs and sharp edges through the use of different polishing machines. If you require higher quality standards regarding surface smoothness, we can process your needles with chemical treatment for deburring.

Products like latch needles, sinkers, and guide needles are units of individual needles casted into a block. We are capable of die casting needle block with tin or plastic to meet different requirements on the needle bar .

All needles are strictly examined for straightness and accuracy using profile projectors before being placed in our storage warehouse. All the needle bars are calibrated and assembled for a better consistency to ensure all Affar products maintain an excellent, reliable performance.



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